About us

My adventure with photography began in the late ‘80s and continued into the early ‘90s, when I was an avid professional horse racing photographer. For years, I have enjoyed capturing the adrenalin and excitement and myriad emotions at the track – the anticipation before the races, the lightning-speed at which the horses tear around the track and the incredible victory shots.

Selling my photos to the iconic Horseman’s Bookshop & Gallery in Sydney was a way to share priceless moments as memorabilia with other horse racing enthusiasts and foster a sense of community.

Alongside horse racing photography, I also established myself by providing my services photographing weddings and 21st birthdays around Sydney.

While horse racing photography has always been and will continue to be a passion for me, my bespoke professional photography service available in Sydney and around Australia aims to help people capture moments of any kind that are important to them.

Daryl Duckworth Photography offers flexibility across a range of professional photography services – I consider any job, all clients have to do is enquire with what they need. Rates are reasonable, and I am willing to travel anywhere around metropolitan Sydney or around Australia.

My most popular services currently are horse racing photography, glamour shots, and birthdays. Canvas printed photographs and more solutions are available. Read more about my photography services.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site, and I look forward to capturing your next event.